Password Safe: Solaris/OpenSolaris Installation Tips
KeePass on Debian / Ubuntu
Password Safe is nice, simple and ... safe application to store your passwords in a single encrypted file.
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Password Safe (or KeePass) Password Gorilla Password Gorilla Not supported. Try KeePass Not supported. Try KeePassPPC

Password Safe: Solaris/OpenSolaris Installation Tips

To install Password Gorilla on Solaris/OpenSolaris:
  • Download it from Password Gorilla
  • Download a Tclkit
  • Install Tk 8.4 (e.g pkg-get install tk)
  • Then, chmod u+x tclkit
  • and finally launch the application: ./tclkit gorilla-1.4.kit &

Password Gorilla is unfortunately slow at opening the Password Safe database. But I don't really need performance for that...

KeePass on Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install keepassx
KeePass supports Password Safe databases.