Remote File Browsing
Terminal for the iPad
Default passwords
A few commands
A few directories
Installing applications
Trying to recover some RAM
My favorite apps on the iPad
Starting to write down a few tips and tricks for my iPad

Remote File Browsing

NameConnectionWrite access?Comments
iPhoneExplorer USB between iPad/computer Yes. You can write files to the iPad Easy to install and works for the iPad. Tested
WinSCP Over Wifi Yes. You can write files to the iPad Install OpenSSH from Cydia on the iPad. Requires Wifi access to the iPad
SSH over USB with USB Mux Over USB Yes
apt-get install usbmux
Then redirect ssh port:
iproxy 2222 22
Then do
ssh root@ 2222

Default password

The default root account on iPad is:
id: root
pwd: alpine
Make sure to change the default settings!

Terminal for the iPad

For a long time, I have had problems install the MobileTerminal from Cydia. More exactly, it installed okay, but crashed as soon as I launched it. The bug has been fixed, and I know have a nice terminal on my iPad 4.3.1.
  • Pre-requisite: jailbroken iPad + Cydia
  • Download MobileTerminal version 511 at least.
  • Upload this file to your iPad (via SSH, iPhoneExplorer etc whatever) in /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall. If the directories do not exist, create them.
  • Reboot the iPad
  • After reboot, a MobileTerminal application should be present on the iPad :)

A few commands

Restart the spring board:
killall SpringBoard

A few directories

/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE Pictures taken with the camera
./Applications/8F4504EC-1B48-436C-B7B2-E9BFD2775D9F or ./Applications/A3D2B6D2-4935-4E28-8525-E11C0E0C8B47/Documents PDF documents
./Applications/68273278-AB7B-4321-8290-899FFCDE0376/Documents Films
/private/var/mobile/Library/Logs/CrashReporter Crash reports

Installing applications

Usually, installing applications on the iPad is very simple: touch the screen, and there it goes. But in some cases, from Cydia, you might need to do it the hard way. Then, it consists in putting the package in:
and restarting the Spring Board

Trying to recover some RAM

In /private/var/lib/apt/lists, remove all directories cydia*, apt*, repo666* and lock file.

My favorite apps

Great Little War GameGameApple Store - PaidAn excellent turn by turn strategy game, with nice graphics, no stupid 3D effects.
LocktopusSecurityCydia - PaidAbility to password protect some applications. This one is really easy to use, because you just have to long press on the apps and select the red lock to lock a given app.
Note: Locktopus 1.1 crashes my iPad.
Cargo-BotGameApple Store - FreeKind of a puzzle game where you have to program a robot to move around bricks of different color to match a given pattern
PaperDrawingApple Store - PaidReally good app if you have a pen. Actually the app is free to download, but you must purchase additional pencils and colors if you want to use it all.
TweetcasterSocialApple StoreTweet on several accounts. A few ads, but not too intrusive