Website chronology

I should have kept a screenshot of all the versions of this website through time. It would be fun looking at them months or years after. I still managed to get a few screenshots.
In 2005, my few security pages were hosted along with my own personal website, with a very simple HTML design.
Then, as CMS, blogs and wikis came in, somewhere between 2006 and 2008, I started growing my security pages on Joomla. What I liked about it is that I no longer had to think about design, just content. Well... or quite, because of course, choosing the right template for Joomla and customizing it took me some time.
Joomla is nice, but it's heavy. So, some time later, probably between 2007 and 2009, I decided to shift my pages on Dokuwiki. Dokuwiki is a great and simple wiki, I like it very much. I remember I mostly used a simple design similar to MediaWiki.
Then, in 2009, I felt an urge to change the look of the wiki, and learn about CSS. My wiki had that look:
A year later, I don't like it that much. Anyway, the big problem with Dokuwiki on Free.fr is that it is slow. No blame to Dokuwiki. The problem seems to lie on the fact that Dokuwiki uses text files instead of MySQL databases so as to be light weight. I like the concept, but on Free.fr, accessing many files proved out to be too slow.
This is why somewhere in 2009 I shifted to my own 100% CSS / HTML design (no PHP, no Javascript, no Flash etc), and I still use this design now ! I like the fact it is quick, and even if there isn't any user interface to publish content online, honestly, I handle just as fine with Emacs and FTP... Yes, I'm sure this sounds a bit old fashion... or maybe CMS and wikis were just... fashionable ?